Updating old car air conditioning

02-Apr-2018 00:01

Any air-conditioning system that was fitted to a classic streeter as original equipment will usually be well past its use-by date, and the mandatory replacement of R-12 refrigerant gas with R-134a is another issue.It’s possible to convert your original system over to R-134a, but it has to be in top condition, and if an a/c system hasn’t been running for some time, it won’t be.It has a hex form so that you can use a spanner to adjust for the correct tension on the belt 7.If you are fitting the kit yourself, Rohan supplies ample hose for the job.This can be used to your advantage to bypass obstacles.If you’re installing them yourself, it’s important to mark their orientation within the fittings as shown.

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An idler/tensioner pulley is part of the kit and bolts to the front plate of the compressor bracket as shown.But if the steering has been converted to RHD, such kits will no longer bolt straight in.